Health Benefits

Why Eat Aronia berries? 
Aronia berries contain high levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids – three to ten times more than other healthy berries, such as, blueberries and cranberries.

The Aronia berry has been commonly referred to by insiders as “nature’s best-kept secret” despite its incredible health and wellness benefits.

Those who have discovered the Aronia berry recognize it as one of the original and true “super fruits”.

The Aronia berry is a powerhouse of anti-oxidants and is one of the highest ranked nutraceutical foods due to its health and medicinal benefits, including the prevention of diseases.

Research is underway to determine whether Aronia may prevent cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Aronia contains the anti-oxidant lycopene. Studies have found that this anti-oxidant supports a healthy cardiovascular system (prevents high blood pressure and keeps your cholesterol low). Flavonoids are found in Aronia. This vitamin strengthens the small capillaries and can prevent atherosclerosis.

Aronia supports a healthy glucose metabolism and moderates blood glucose (sugar). Aronia can be consumed by diabetics because of its low sucrose content and a high fructose level.

Healthy Aging
The bioflavonoids in Aronia promotes healthy aging, keeps you feeling young and helps skin stay tight and firm as well as inhibiting abnormal cell growth.

Our youngest Aronia fan; she likes Aronia smoothies
Nervous system
Aronia contains vitamin B12. The body needs B12 vitamin to make blood cells and to maintain a healthy nervous system.

The flavonoids in Aronia are antiseptic. This means that Aronia maintains a healthy immune system, the berries can be used to prevent urinary tract infections and demonstrates anti-viral activity against influenza viruses.

Aronia are rich in anthocyanins (plant pigments with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity) which promote a healthy inflammation response and protect the liver from chemical damage.

The anthocyanins in Aronia are gastroprotective and offer gastric support resulting in prevention of gastric and colon damage.  Anthocyanins also improve the function of the respiratory system.

Stress and Athleticism
Studies have shown that the anthocyanins in Aronia may reduce stress; therefore, it is a potential nutrient for professional athletes.


Incorporate Aronia berries into your Diet 
Aronia French Toast - see recipe
Aronia is a popular berry because of its health benefits. The berries, as well as the juice, can be incorporated into your daily diet. Aronia juice has a unique earthy flavor with a slightly tart residual taste; it resembles the tartness of cranberry, however, Aronia juice is sweeter with a hint of blackberry.

Some people like eating the berries fresh off the bush while others prefer combining them with other foods. Aronia berries freeze well and can be utilized year round.

Aronia berries taste great in/on:
  • Smoothies
  • Yogurt
  • Cold cereal
  • Hot cereal i.e. oatmeal
  • Salads
  • Ice cream or as a topping
  • Stir fried/skillet meals
  • Muffins and breads
  • Cookies

Ways to use Aronia juice:
  • Jellies/jam
  • Wine
  • Lemonade;
  • Apple cider
***Aronia berries mix well with apples and can be substituted for cranberries.***

For inspiration, please visit our recipe section, where we've listed some of our favorite Aronia goodies.

History of Aronia berries
Aroniaberries scientific name is “Aronia melanocarpa”; it is in the Rosacea or Rose family.
It was also called chokeberry, probably because of its unique, tart flavor.

Aronia berry is a deciduous shrub native to North America.

It has been reported that Native Americans understood the value of the fruit and used it for food and medicine.

Due to its astringent taste, the Aronia plant was ignored and cultivated out of much of the landscape in North America. 

Aronia was introduced to Russia in the late 1800’s and subsequently cultivated in eastern and central Europe where it gained popularity as a healthy food source and is used commercially in beverages, jams, fillings, wines, etc.

Customer comments:

"Eating 10-15 Aronia berries and drinking a glass of water before meals and when I'm hungry, resulted in a 20 pound weight loss; eating Aronia berries makes me feel full and decreases my appetite."

"Drinking 1 ounce of Aronia juice daily for 3 months decreased my weight and not only lowered my blood pressure but also my PSA and cholesterol. During this time, I continued to eat 1 pound of bacon on weekends. My doctor was happy with these changes and told me to continue what I was doing."

"Three days without eating Aronia changed my elimination pattern."