About Us

Story Behind the Berry Farm 
Our husband and wife operation has a forester and a nurse at the helm.

Working in 5 different states as a forester, district conservationist, project coordinator, and registered nurse gave us a good background in growing things, starting projects and staying healthy. 

After researching the Aronia plant, we agreed growing America’s healthiest berry in a sustainable way was a good start to getting people to eat healthier. At the same time we could show that sustainable, locally grown and sold crops could positively contribute to the local economy.

The first Aronia berry seedlings were planted in 2008 and today Stewart’s Aronia Acres has 11 acres of Aronia berries and 1 acre of black currants. We follow the rules of organically grown plants. We grow the plants without herbicides and pesticides.  

Our Vision: 
To be an integral part of bringing healthy, sustainable, locally produced berries and berry products to South Dakota and the surrounding area. We are dedicated to educating the public and connecting consumers to healthy berry products, “Making America healthier one berry at a time”.

We are proud members of the South Dakota Specialty Producers Association and the Midwest Aronia Association.

Honors and Awards
Winner of "Aronia Promotor Of The Year 2013" by the Midwest Aronia Association.

Mentions of Stewart's Aronia Acres in the media:

Stewart’s Aronia Acres
29870 393 Avenue
Wagner, SD 57380-7131

Located 1 mile West and 1.7 miles South of Wagner, SD

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